2012 Ssangyong Motors: April 2012

Die folgenden Fotos sind CINA entnommen.


Last weekend, despite heavy rain - for the fourth time in row - hundreds of activists besieged Ssangyong Motor plant in Pyeongtaek (south of of the S. Korean capital Seoul). For almost 24 hours - from Saturday's early afternoon until Sunday - approx. 1000 workers, unionized in KCTU, and some activists of (student) solidarity groups joined the "4th Weekend of Siege" (a 'mixture' of struggle rallies/demos, culture festival and solidarity night) to support the "Tent of Hope Village" in front of SsangYong Motor company's main gate.

Here just some impressions from the 'event': 

ssangyong01 580

ssangyong02 580

ssangyong03 580

ssangyong04 580

ssangyong05 580