2019 Cort Guitar Worker's Fight for Justice - 13 years

Hwagok-ro 61-gil 59, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Korea: Nach 13 Jahren gewinnen die Arbeiter der Gitarrenfirma Cort Guitars vor dem Obersten Gericht.
Hier ihr Dank an alle Unterstützer. Mit englischen Untertiteln! (Zum 1. Mai 2019). 


No Worker No Music, No Music No Life
A brief summary:  Cort-Guitar worker's fight against injustice for 13 years

Cort Guitar Worker's Horrible Working Condition
A Modern Day Slavery

A Letter to Manson Guitar Works:  CEO Adrian Ashton

Press Release on Cort Guitar Workers' Fight
  (22 pages)

- Rage's Tom Morello leads protest at NAMM Show (2010)
- Guitars should be a means to liberation, not exploitation, says Rage's Morello (2010)
- "Press This Guitar and Tears Will Pour Forth": A Ballad of Labour Rights in South Korea. [POSC315 Human Rights Paper Submission] (2014)
- [Interview] Cort-Band celebrates 10th anniversary of fighting for labor rights (2017)
- [Photo] Korea’s longest labor dispute enters its 11th year (2018)
- Supreme Court chief justice delays decision on investigations into abuse of judicial authority (2018)
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Action for supporters  (english)

Action for supporters   (korean)