2020: Against the Storm

Quelle: The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 18 | Issue 12 | Number 4 | Article ID 5407 | Jun 05, 2020
Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Japan Focus.

Against the Storm:
How Japanese printworkers resisted the military regime, 1935-1945

by Masao Sugiura  
edited and introduced by Kaye Broadbent
translated by Kaye Broadbent and Mana Sato

Japan’s ruling class’s wartime project of militarisation and imperialist domination is well-documented in the English language but the active resistance of the working class and general population is less well-known. Sugiura Masao’s Against the Storm

(https://www.amazon.com/Against-Storm-Japanese-printworkers-1935-1945/dp/0994537859/?tag=theasipacjo06-20 )

covers the activities of printworkers in the period of Japan’s increasing militarisation, particularly from the Marco Polo Bridge incident of 7 July 1937 to the surrender in 1945. Further context is provided with reference to earlier periods, times when legislation had begun to place restrictions on the political and civil rights of the population.

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