2017: Tokyo University at War

Quelle:  The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 15 | Issue 23 | Number 2 | Nov 20, 2017
Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Japan Focus.

Tokyo University at War
Tachibana Takashi
Translated and introduced by Richard H. Minear

Nearly five years ago The Asia-Pacific Journal published an early chapter  (http://apjjf.org/2013/11/9/Richard-Minear/3904/article.html) from my translation of Tachibana Takashi’s Tennō to Tōdai (The emperor and Tokyo University [Bungei shunju, 2005]. The full translation is now available for free download here (https://press.rebus.community/tokyouniversityandthewar). Herewith a second, late chapter, from that translation.

Tachibana Takashi
Tachibana Takashi (b. 1940 in Nagasaki) is one of Japan’s leading independent researchers. He has dozens of books to his credit: on Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei, the Lockheed bribery scandal, near-death experiences, space travel, cancer. He has also been a figure in radio and TV journalism and has acted on TV. 

Tachibana’s Tōdai ties are long and involved. He graduated (Faculty of Letters) in 1964. For two years after graduating, he worked for the magazine Bungei shunjū. Then he quit and went back to Tōdai, briefly, for graduate work in philosophy. Twenty-five years later, beginning in 1996, Tachibana taught in Tōdai’s General Studies Division, and his writings on science led to contract appointments in 2005 and since, and Tachibana has been able to teach into his seventies.

This book started as a serial, “My Tōdai,” in Bungei shunjū. The sixty-six installments cover Tōdai from its establishment in the 1870s to 1945 and occasionally beyond. But Tachibana does not devote equal treatment to the early years. His narrative reaches the era of the Russo-Japanese War in Chapter 11; it reaches 1928 and the mass arrests of Japanese Communists in Chapter 25; it reaches the May 15, 1932 Incident in Chapter 35. Thirty-four chapters for 1877-1932; thirty-two for 1932-45. And as early as Chapter 4 Tachibana is already looking ahead to the 1930s and devoting space to Minobe Tatsukichi’s emperor-organ theory. I have translated less than a quarter of Tachibana’s massive two-volume work: fifteen of his sixty-six chapters—all but one of his last sixteen—plus his epilogue. This chapter, “Flourishing under the Wartime Order: Hiraga’s Tōdai,” is his sixty-fourth.

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