2018 Korea-Japan: Consultation of NCCK and NCCJ

21. Sept. 2018 / 29. Jan. 2020, Tokyo-Seoul, NCCK & NCCJ
Japan-Korea Reconciliation and Peace Platform

Consultation of NCCK and NCCJ

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The National Council of Churches in Korea and the National Christian Council in Japan held a joint consultation on "Peaceful Reunification of Korean Peninsula and the Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution" June 11. This was a part of NCCK's campaign for a Korea Peace Treaty in Northeast Asia. 20 participants from Korea, 9 from Europe and North America, and 9 from Japan participated in this half-day consultation. Rev. Ra Heak Jib, Chair of NCCK Committee on Reconciliation and Peaceful Reunification, talked about the importance of this campaign for reconciliation and peaceful reunification of Korean Peninsula. From Japan side, Ms. Mikako Nishihara, Director of Japan YWCA described the role NCCJ played in the history of civil movements to protect the article 9 of the Japanese constitution. All the Korean and international participants will attend the 6th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 starting on June 12 in Hiroshima.

 Participants of consultation

Rev. Ra Heak Jib's Presentation 

 Mikako Nishihara's Presentation