Cort Guitar Worker's Fight for Justice - 13 years

Hwagok-ro 61-gil 59, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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No Worker No Music, No Music No Life
A brief summary:  Cort-Guitar worker's fight against injustice for 13 years

Cort Guitar Worker's Horrible Working Condition
A Modern Day Slavery

A Letter to Manson Guitar Works:  CEO Adrian Ashton

Press Release on Cort Guitar Workers' Fight
  (22 pages)

- Rage's Tom Morello leads protest at NAMM Show (2010)
- Guitars should be a means to liberation, not exploitation, says Rage's Morello (2010)
- "Press This Guitar and Tears Will Pour Forth": A Ballad of Labour Rights in South Korea. [POSC315 Human Rights Paper Submission] (2014)
- [Interview] Cort-Band celebrates 10th anniversary of fighting for labor rights (2017)
- [Photo] Korea’s longest labor dispute enters its 11th year (2018)
- Supreme Court chief justice delays decision on investigations into abuse of judicial authority (2018)
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Action for supporters  (english)

Action for supporters   (korean)