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The State Secrets Protection Bill (6.12.2013)

Ein Freund schrieb zu Beginn dieses Jahres (2014):
"The churches in our country started to make new solidarity. As you know,  our government and ruling party have hoisted flag of militarism clearly. It is our big problem. The big problem always should support to make solidarity.  Last month, "Pastors Against the State Secrets Protection Bill" has come into being. I am one of the promoters of which number is 32. The promoters are all pastors whose denominations are WCCs and WEAs and Pentecosts and Charismatics and independents. I know in recent years it has been the challenge of WCC and WEA to make the unity in the diversity of protestant churches. In this country, we are trying to same challenge. With God's mercy, over 470 pastors of various denominations (most of them are of course Japanese) have borne their hands and two statements could be declared as this attachment.
But it is not even one month past yet, we are feeling to be facing to the old and new problem of churches, e.g. "Liberal, Ecumenical, and Plural" v.s. "Evangelical, Fundamental and Orthodox." Because of the hoarding of 20th century I believe we can overcome this futile discussion of which the base is always prejudice! Would you please pray for Japanese churches, the body of Christ in this country? I try to talk around our respectable Japanese colleagues to have the courage to take a step to 21st century for the victims of whole world including the Hibakusha (exposured) of Fukushima."

We Oppose the State Secrets Protection Bill and Demand Its Immediate Withdrawal

(December 6, 2013)

We oppose and demand the immediate withdrawal of the state secrets protection bill, which aims to restrict the human rights of we the sovereign people of Japan, including the right to seek and receive information, the freedom of speech and expression, the freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and the freedom of association. This bill was abruptly proposed in this diet session and was repeatedly forced through legislative process without adequate debate, disregarding democratic procedure. As pastors of Christian churches, we stand upon the following words of the Bible—“the truth shall make you free”—and preach the importance of faith, strive for true freedom and peace, and live a lifelong mission to love and serve God and our neighbors. On the other hand, this bill, in the name of national security, restricts the freedom of the people, creates a nation of secrecy that sows distrust among ourselves, pushes people towards a nation that wages war, tramples upon on our consciences, and opens up a way to eliminate people that hold specific thoughts and faiths. We, who inherit the legacy of those who experienced religious persecution under the Peace Preservation Law of 1925, are greatly alarmed by this bill and are dismayed and angered by the bill’s legislative process, in which the government and ruling parties employed methods that defied democratic procedure. Under such an immature concept of democracy, which neglects the voice of minorities and holds the force of numbers to be absolute, we Christians, who live as a minority, are compelled to feel great apprehension towards the times that are to come. Because of these reasons, we oppose this bill, which may be passed today, and demand its immediate withdrawal.

December 6, 2013
Pastors Against the State Secrets Protection Bill

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