2012: Intern. Conference on Nuclear Issues -Dokumente

The International Conference on Nuclear Issues
December 5-7, 2012.  Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan

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Schedule  -  Time Table    English   日本語
List of Participants
-    Regions
-    Radiation Contour Map

SHINOHARA Hironori, "The Wind Against Nuclear Power in Miyagi"
What the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident Asks Us    English   日本語
-     Materialien dazu     English    日本語

JANG Yoon-Jae, Ehwa University, Korea
Exodus to a Nuclear-free World:  A Proposal for solidarity for a life and peace without nuclear weapons or nuclear power plants     English   日本語     Korean

Dr. André WITTHÖFT-MÜHLMANN, Protestant Church of Baden
The Issue of Nuclear Power before and after Fukushima within
the Christian Community in Germany      English     日本語
-    A Powerpoint dazu  (PDF)    English

KATAOKA Terumi, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Kyodan church
Story sharing    English     日本語

SASAKI Michinori, Jodo Shin Pure Land
Story sharing     English     日本語  

MELE Nicholas, Pax Christi USA
American Perspectives on U.S.Military Bases in Asia and the Pacific    English    日本語

Japan Baptist Convention
Great East Japan Earthquake - Disaster Relief Activities Report     English

KAWAKAMI Naoyo, Tohoku Help, Sendai
Report and Prayer     日本語 

The Anglican/Episcopal Church in Japan
For a World Without Nuclear Power Plants      English

Tokyo YWCA
Report      日本語

NAKASHITA Daiki, Buddhist Priest at Yuko-ji of Shinshu Otani
Profile      English

MORIZUMI Takashi, Photojournalist
Profile      English   (and 日本語)

No to Nuclear Power!    English     日本語
-     Prayer  (Korean Christians)      English
-     Faith Declaration of Korean Christians for a World Free of
      Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power     English

PLEA  from the Inter-religious Cinference on Nuclear Issues
Toward a World Wothout Nuclear Power     English     日本語

Fukushima interfaith conference calls for abolishment of nuclear power    English

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