2005: International Conference on Peace for Life in North East Asia

Korean Christian Faculty Fellowship

16. - 20. Mai 2005 in Uiwang, Südkorea

From the Invitation

Invitation to
International Conference on Peace for Life in North East Asia
To be held at the Roman Catholic Retreat Center in Uiwang, near Seoul
May 16-20, 2005.
The objectives of this study conference are:

(1) to share information and analyses towards peace for life in North East Asia;
(2) to articulate the vision of the order of peace for life in North East Asia, which may lead to the drafting of a "People's Charter of Peace for Life in North East Asia";
(3) to design a concrete role for intellectuals and scholars in the process of peace-making in North East Asia; and
(4) to set in motion a process to organize "Concerned and Committed Scholars on Peace for Life in North East Asia" to carry out intellectual and scholarly activities for this cause. …

(Prof.) Kim Yong-Bock
President, Korean Christian Faculty Fellowship
Chancellor, Asia Pacific Graduate School for the Study of Life


Opening Worship
Dr. Han Wan Sang; Message, President, Korean Red Cross
Prof. Kim Yong-Bock, Welcome, President, KCFF

Dr. Sohn Hak Kyu, Governor, Kyungki Province
Mr. Han Hwa-Gap, President, The Association for Development of Korean Community

Ecumenical Greetings

Life & Peace in North-East Asia
Convener: Prof. Kwon Jin Kwan, General Secretary, KCFF
Presentation 1: Korea Perspective by Prof. Kim Yong-Bock
Presentation 2: Japan Perspective by Prof. Mushakoji Kinhide
Presentation 3: China Perspective by Dr. Lufeng

Panel Discussion
Convener: Prof. Kim, Sang-il
Prof Suh Jaejung (U.S),
Prof. Suh Seung (Japan),
Prof. Mark Caprio (China), Kang Dok-sang, (to be confirmed)

Nuclear Crisis
Moderator: Rev. Dr. Hong Geun Soo
Prof. Noh Jung Sun, Dr. Wade Huntley (Canada)
Discussion: Prof. Lee Chong 0

Life & Peace, Asian Perspective
Moderator: Prof. Kim Sung Eun
Philippines: Ms. Carmencita Karadag
Taiwan: Prof. Hwang Po Ho
India: Prof. M.P.Joseph

The perspective of Europe and Americas
Moderator: Prof. Lee Sung Eun
Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt, Rev. Paul Schneiss,
Prof. Sigurd Bergmann, Prof. Charles Burton

Visit to Je-am-ri Church

Ecumenical Perspective
Moderator: Prof. Kang Won Don
Prof. Park Kyung Soe,
Rev. Dr. Hong Keun soo

Geopolitics of Empire and Peace
Moderator : Prof. Chang Yun Jae
Ninan Koshy
Responses from Asia, Africa and Russia
Prof. Samuel Lee (General Secretary, Korea UNESCO Commission),
Rev. Professor Maake Masango (South Africa),

Life & Peace, Woman's Perspective
Moderator: Professor Lee Kyung Sook
Prof. Ada Maria Isasi Dias,
Dr. Yu Yong Hee,
Dr. Liangyoo Chen

Life & Peace, Religions' Perspective
Moderator: Ms. Carmencita Karagdag
Dr. Shin Eun Hee (Juche),
Ven. Prof. Jin Wol (Buddhism)
Prof. Im Tae Soo (Christianity)

Introduction to the Draft of Position Paper
Prof. Noh Jung Sun

Plenary: Group Report & Discussion for Position Paper
Moderator: Prof. Kim Yong-Bock

Prof. Dr. HAN Wan-Sang, Message - Mark 1:15, Matthew 5:9
Prof. Dr. KIM Yong-Bock, A Korean Perspective on Peace for Life in NEA
Prof. Dr. MUSHAKOJI Kinhide, The Militarization of a Pacific State - The Case of Japan
Prof. Dr. Mark E. Caprio, Pluralism, Economism, and the Two Kinds of War
Reaction to Professor Lu Feng

Prof. Dr. NOH Jung-Sun, Nuclear Crisis in the USA, Korea and the Solution
Prof. Dr. Wade L. Huntley, Toward a Nuclear-free Northeasst Asia
Simons Centre for Disarmament and Non-Pproliferation Research; Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Clumbia

Ms. Carmencita P. Karagdag, 
Philippine Perspectives on Peace for Life
Prof. Dr. HUANG Po Ho, People's Security and China's Anti-Secession Law
Prof. Dr. M. P. Joseph, Indian Perspective
Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt, The European Union (EU) in Perspective of a Human Civilization
Prof. Dr. PARK Kyung Seo,Struggle for Peace Building on Korean Peninsula

Toward the Ecumenical Vision
Prof. Dr. HONG Keun Soo, The Nuclear Crisis and the Problem of the USA's Strategic "Flexibility"
Dr. Ninan Koshy, Geopolitics of Empire and Peace
Prof. Rev. Dr. Maake J. Masango, Geopolitics of Empire and Peace
Rev. Petrovskiy Dimitry

Geopolitics of Empire and Peace
Prof. Dr. Ada Maria Isasi Dias, No Peace Without Justice. No Justice Without Reconciliation
Ass. Professor of Theology and Ethics at Drew University Theological School, Madison, New Jersey
Dr. YU Yong-Hee (Yani), Women Peace Makers in the Bible
"I am one of those who are peaceable and faithful in Israel" II. Sam 20:19
Dr. Liangyoo CHEN, Life and Peace: Love, Caring, and Sharing
Dr. SHIN Eun Hee, Life and Communitarianism: A North Korean Juche Perspective
Ven. Prof. Jin Wol

Religions' Perspective
Prof. Dr. YIM Tae-Soo, Life and Peace from Christian Perspective
Dr. KIM Dong-Sung, The Korean Christian Movement and Peace Building

Position Paper, For the Formation of a People's Life-Peace Community in North East Asia.
A Statement from the 1005 International Conference on Peace for Life in Northeast Asia

International Supporters:
(1) United Board of Christian Higher Education in Asia
(2) Christian Conference of Asia
(3) World Council of Churches

V. Participants

Korea representatives (100 persons)
Scholars from states around Korea, Russia and United States Concerned Asian scholars
Peace study institutes around the globe
Ecumenical representatives
Civil society movement representatives

St. Lazarus' Retreat Center in Uiwang City (on the outskirts of Seoul)

Dates: May 16-20, 2005