HA Sang-sook

Source:  www.comfortwomenjustice.org

Grandma Sang-sook Ha passed away in the morning of August 28, 2017 in Korea.

Grandma Ha was 17 when she was cheated by an offer for a job and forced into sexual slavery by Japanese military.

She was born in 1927 in Chungcheongnamdo in Korea. She was taken to China in 1944 and forced to serve Japanese soldiers as sex slave for 8 months before the war ended.

After the war, she decided to stay in Wuhan, China, because she couldn't face her hometown neighbors due to the shame of being disgraced by the Japanese military. She married a Chinese man and worked for a textile factory for 25 years. After her husband's death in 1994, she lived with her youngest daughter. She recovered her Korean nationality in 1994.

After being seriously injured due to a fall in 2016, she was transferred to Korea to get medical treatment, per her family's request in April 2016. Her condition improved and she was discharged in August 2016 but passed away one year later.

Please remember her in your prayer.

Let us not forget the ceaseless attempts to deny, downplay and erase this history is ongoing by the Government of Japan that if we stay silent, the revised history will take over the truth and the memories of this dark history will be erased forever. This is why we must raise our voice louder. Thank you for your support and participation.