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Yasukuni-Schrein in Tokyo  -  Prozess gegen ABE's Besuch im Yasukuni-Schrein

YWCA of Japan
c/o Tokyo YWCA, Rm#302
1-8-11 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-0062, Japan
tel: 81+3-3292-6121 /6122(fax)

Dear World YWCA and Sisters around the world, 
Urgent call.

We call for your support to join the following 2 actions to stop Japan to go back to a military state.


Since the great earthquake and the nuke plant accident back in 2011, Japanese society and politics have become unstable. In the middle of the political chaos, the rightist party won the 2013 election with the militarist and historical revisionist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on top.

Now, his Cabinet is leading Japanese forces to be able to fight overseas regardless of the Japanese Constitution namely by the Article 9 prohibiting such action.

Furthermore, voices of historical revisionists including Abe have become louder these days; denying the fact about "sex slavery" enforce on women around the world by the former Japanese military during the WW-II, Abe giving a prayer at Yasukuni Military Shrine where it praise and justifies Japanese military action during the WW-II, and so force.

Countless of grassroots counter-actions have been taken place in Japan though, political move is the way stonger. We need your support.

<what you can do>

1. Join the petition "Award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Peace Constitution Article 9"
Goal is to achieve 1,000,000 signatures or more!
We hope winning the Nobel prize will give a strong impact to the world
and to Abe Cabinet that people around the world support Japan to be a
peaceful nation that never threat anyone.
online petition  http://chn.ge/1bNX7Hb

2. Join the law suite against Abe for his visit to Yasukuni War Shrine
praising militarism and violating the principle of separation of
government and religion.
(see here)
Tomoko Negishi, International Relations, Communication, Advocacy
YWCA of Japan, c/o Tokyo YWCA, Rm#302, 1-8-11 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062, Japan, Tel: 81+3-3292-6121 /6122(fax), office-japan@ywca.or.jp


Der Yasukuni-Schrein (2007)