2020: Building Holistic Resilience: Tokyo’s 2050 Strategy

Klimawandel und Ökologie
The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 18 | Issue 7 | Number 3 | Article ID 5386 | Apr 01, 2020
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Building Holistic Resilience: Tokyo’s 2050 Strategy

Andrew DeWit, Riyanti Djalante, Rajib Shaw

The paper examines Japan’s capital 
city of Tokyo’s “Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy.”
Our work shows that Tokyo’s strategy is particularly important in light of the 2030
Agenda’s emphasis on greenhouse-gas emissions reduction, equitable sustainability,
and building holistic resilience against all hazards. The data indicate that Tokyo’s
ambitions are built on a track record of global leadership in resource efficient water systems,
transit networks, and other critical infrastructure. Moreover, Tokyo is part of
Japan’s zero-emission communities, smart cities, all-hazard resilience, and other
multilevel and silo-breaking collaborative platforms. Our analysis also makes
recommendations for bolstering Tokyo’s strategy, to enhance co-benefits from
integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation, in addition to strengthening
pandemic response. 

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