2017: Präsidentschaftswahl 9.Mai

Präsidentschaftswahl am 9.5.2017
Quelle: The Nation, 6.5.2017 

Listen to South Korea  —  or It Will Reap the Whirlwind

Recent US actions underscore a deep-seated problem: refusal to see South Korea as an independent nation with interests of its own.
By Tim Shorrock

Gwangju, South Korea—On May 2, Moon Jae-in, the Korean politician who is expected to win next Tuesday’s presidential election here, issued a stern warning to the United States. Pointing to the escalating tensions between North Korea and the United States, he told The Washington Post that South Korea must “take the lead on matters on the Korean Peninsula.” Seoul, he added, “should not take the back seat.”
Moon, a progressive politician with deep roots in South Korea’s left, has repeated these words throughout his campaign. They signal his wish to change the dynamics of US-South Korean relations and meet his country’s desire for a more independent foreign policy. In particular, he wants to use economic and political incentives to ease tensions with the North—a position anathema to many in Washington....
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