2020: Declaring a People's Korea Peace Agreement

Friedensvertrag N-Korea, S-Korea, USA, China

International Zoom Convocation
Declaring a People's Korea Peace Agreement

23. 07. 2020, Christian Building, Seoul, Korea 

Hier einige Auszüge aus dem Handbuch für die Teilnehmer

Keynote Presentations
1. The Crisis in the Korean Peninsula and the Solutions
     Mr. Wooksik Cheong (Doirector of Peace Network)

2. The Meaning and Challenge of a People's Peace Agreement
     Ms. Oh, Hyo-ren (Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea)

1. Mr. Peter Prove (World Council of Churches)

2. Mr. Daniel Högsta (ICAN)

Sharing of Pertners' Initiatives:
1. Rev. Claudia Ostarek (German Church, EDK)

2. Ms. Hwang Soo-Young (People's Solidarity and People's Participation, Korea)

Das Handbuch  -  alle Texte in Koreanisch und English