GTC: Ein kurzer Bericht, Dezember 2018

Folter-Trauma-Hilfe - in Gwangju (gegr. 2012)

Ein kurzer Bericht vom Dezember 2018
(Verfasser: KIM Chan-Ho)

The Gwangju Trauma Center started in 2012 and has been active for the past 6 years. We have been provided flowering, photos, health gymnastics, physical therapy, outdoor healing activity, travel healing, psychological counseling, humanities courses for legal and community awareness promotion, trauma international conference, support for the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, and quarterly publications.

On the other hand, related research is being carried out steadily for the transition to the National State Violence Center. Currently, 11 people are working in the Center and are divided into the team of healing program, the team of rehabilitation program, and the team of research planning. The director of the center is a former retired professor of psychology.

Und noch ein paar Fotos aus der Arbeit des Trauma-Zentrus:
u.a.  Am Internationalen Tag der Unterstützung für Folteropfer | Auf dem Nationalen Friedhof in Kwangju | Am 5. jahrestag der Eröffnung des Gwangju Trauma Centers | Bei der Arbeit.

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