Tribunal 2000: Tokyo und Urteil 2001: Den Haag

"… this Judgement bears the names of the survivors who took the stand to tell their stories, and thereby, for four days at least, put wrong on the scaffold and truth on the throne.''

Urteilsverkündung 2001 in Den Haag: Sexsklavinnen für Japans Soldaten im II. Weltkrieg.

Opening Remarks: MATSUI Yayori, Indai Sajor, YUN Chung Ok
Opening the Session: Presiding Judge G. K. McDonald | Chief Prosecurot P. Viseut-Sellers | U. Dolgopol
Amicus Curiae: IMAMURA Tsuguo | SUZUKI Isomi | AITANI Kumio.

Laws applied at the International Women's War Crimes Tribunal

The Accused - short biographies of: Tojo Hideki | Emperor Hirohito | Ando Rikichi | Hata Shunroku | Itagaki Seishiro | Kobayashi Seizo | Matsui Iwane | Terauchi Hisaichi | Umezu Yoshijiro | Yamashita Tomoyuki.

Outrage Remarks made by major Japanese Politicians: 1994-97.

Expert Witness: YOSHIMI Yoshiaki - Concerning the System of Japan's Military Sexual Slavery

Expert Witness: YAMADA Akira - Concerning the responsibility of the Emperor System

Expert Witness: HAYASHI Hirofumi - Concerning the Structure of Japan's Military

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