2007: Der Prozess gegen NHK, 2001-2007

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2007 NHK stung by censorship suit appeal

2007 NHK Found Guilty of Censoring Women's Tribunal

2007 Japan's Public Broadcaster MHK Found Guilty of Censoring Women's Tribunal

2007 Norma Field: The Courts, Japan's 'Military Comfort Women,' and the Conscience of Humanity: The Ruling in VAWW-Net Japan v. NHK

2005 How the History Wars in Japan Left a Black Mark on NHK TV (Their BBC). Gavan McCormack.

2001 Statement of Protest to NHK: VAWW-NET Japan. We refuse to Accept der Revision of the Program on the Women's International War Crimes Tribunal

2001 An Open Letter and Inquiry Concerning "The Question of Wartime Sexual Violence" (aired on January 30, 2001)

2001 Regarding the Revision of the Program on the "Women's International War Crimes Tribunal" under the Pressure of Rightwing Forces

2001 Yayori Matsui: Why Do We Sue NHK?

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