"Trostfrauen", Wiedergutmachung und Menschenrechte

2019: Newsletter May2019

"Trostfrauen" des 2. Welltkrieges - "Comfort Women"

THE KOREAN COUNCIL NEWSLETTER, MAY 2019kc cw newletter 2019may 340

The Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (the Korean Council) is a NGO in South Korea working for just resolution of Japanese military sexual slavery issue, its education, and prevention of sexual violence in armed conflict.

Since its beginning in 1990, the Korean Council has worked with victims to restore the dignity of Japanese military sexual slavery victims and human rights and to educate the message of peace.

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Aufruf: Freilassung der politischen Gefangenen in Südkorea - Dez 2017



KANG Duk-Kyung: "Bestraft die Verantwortlichen damit Friede werde" 

 Grundlegende Texte 1993

Statement by the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei KONO on the result of the study on the issue of "comfort women"

On the Issue of Wartime "Comfort Women". Hier sind die Ergebnisse der Nachforschungen durch die Regierung zusammengefasst.

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