2009: Sinti-Roma Ministries in Germany

Buraku Liberation Center (BLC), ein Werk der Vereinigten Kirche Christi in Japan (Kyodan)

Sinti-Roma Ministries in Germany
by Andreas Hoffmann-Rich.ter and Gisela Koellner

The "Working Group Between the Sinti/Roma and the Churches in BadenWuerttemberg" has just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and we are thankful to the Buraku Liberation of the Church of Christ in Japan, for having given us the motivation to establish this group in 1999!

Within the network of partner churches in the EMS (Association of churches and missions in South Western Germany), contacts between minority groups like Dali! in India and Buraku in Japan have a long history. In a Church consultation between Japanese and German churches in 1993, a question was raised by Japan concerning cooperation of German churches with the minority of Sinti and Roma in this country. The Buraku Liberation Center invited church authorities and representatives of the Sinti and Roma to introduce their longstanding liberation work. The first journey took place in 1996, and was followed by a second in 1998, with synod members of the Wuerttemberg Church among the participants. ....

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