Buraku Liberation Center

Buraku Liberation Center (BLC), eine Institution der Vereinigten Kirche Christi in Japan (Kyodan)
Zeitschrift:  Crowned with Thorns, 2 x jährlich.

Aus einem Bericht des BLC aus dem Jahre 2003

What is Buraku Discrimination in Japan?
Buraku discrimination is one type of discrimination in Japanese society, and is based on the birth place, where one lives, and/or the status of the family. This discrimination is not a racial discrimination but a peculiar form of discrimination in Japan. The United Church of Christ in Japan started the struggle against Buraku discrimination as an important mission in 1975. In 1981 the Buraku Liberation Center was established and their mission and struggle continues. ...

In conclusion
The work of the UCCJ with the issue of buraku discrimination was established in solidarity with the movements in other buraku areas and local churches. The work of the Center must be based on the many voices of those who tackle buraku discrimination. The empowerment of the Center is impossible without the solidarity of other liberation movements against racism, sexism, and so forth. The movement against buraku discrimination should be connected with other movements against human rights violations. The solidarity with anti-discrimination movements is the center for life of the buraku liberation movement. This is the testimony of the Buraku Liberation Center.

Background of the Buraku Liberation Center
1975 the mission committee of the UCCJ was established
1978 the appeal movement to the Supreme Court for a retrial of the case of Sayama discrimination
1981 The opening the Buraku Liberation movement  (establishment of the mission committee of buraku discrimination issues in five districts)
1981 a mission solidarity with liberation movements against the caste system in India
1982 the national caravan for appealing buraku liberation movement
1984 Participation in the Consultation for Discriminated Minorities
1987 the National Consultation of the Buraku Liberation Movement
1992 National caravan for the buraku liberation movement
1993 Construction of the center's building  - Fund raising for the building
1994 Theaterical performances on buraku liberation
1995 An informal gathering of theological education for human rights
1997 Joint consultation against discriminations
1998 Youth Education Seminar on buraku liberation
1999 National consultation of the buraku liberation movement
2000 Passed the mission strategy for buraku liberation at the fifth executive committee in the 32nd Assembly of the UCCJ
2001 finished fund raising for the center building (at Osaka)

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