2013: Dr. SONG Kang-Ho: 27.08.

Gerichtsprozesse in Chejudo, Südkorea



Update on the trial of Dr. Song Kang-Ho and Br. Park Do-Hyun:
No existence of management manual on silt-protectors


The Jeju Domin Ilbo reported as the below on Aug. 26 (translated). Following the 1st trial on the two on Aug. 9 when the matter of coast guard's illegal arrest on the two was in controversy, 2nd the trial was held on Aug. 26. 
It turned out that the management on the damaged silt protectors in the Jeju naval base construction (destruction) site in the Gangjeong Village has been relied upon divers, even without a specific manual.
Such fact above appeared in the 2nd trial on Dr. Song Kang-Ho and Br. Park Do-Hyun, held in the 3rd criminal case department of the Jeju local court (judge: Choi Bok-Gyu) on Aug. 26.  The two were arrested and imprisoned for the charge of obstruction of business on July 1.

The trial was processed with the investigation on three witnesses including the naval base construction personnel.
On the question by the lawyer of Dr. Song and Br. Park on the measure of confirmation on the damaged silt protectors, Mr. Kim, a person from the supervising company for the Daelim Industry and who appeared as a witness, stated that he ‘has confirmed through diver,” and he has not “daily checked in reality on the damage matter  through photos or videos."
He stated that “because there is no separate identical manual on the management on the silt protectors, seven divers check the site every morning in rotation. We have been orally informed and have processed construction if there is no abnormality. We have not written daily work note separately. I have no more words to say.” 

When questioned whether Kim knew that Dr. Song emerged upon the sea water after his check on    damaged silt-protectors, Kim said, ‘no.’
Especially during the process of the investigation on witness, it was also pointed out that    construction damage cost only by Dr. Song and Br. Park would reach to 2.95 million won and even    20~30 times when the matter of successive construction pose is included.

However, it was confirmed that the damaged hour for the construction pose was included of    construction workers’ meal time.

Mr. Ryu, a crane worker, stated on the prosecutor’s question on the construction pose hour -due  to  Dr. Song and Br. Park on July 1- that “the work was stopped around 4:30 pm. The work finally        resumed the next day and the construction pose hours are at least three hours due to the two      people.”

When the lawyer repeatedly asked on the very day’s schedule, he stated that “when we saw they  came in kayaks, we thought safety first so posed construction. And we had a meal from 5:30 to  6  pm.” On the question by the lawyer why they posed construction, he stated that “because of  request of construction pose from the office, we posed construction.”

 When Dr. Song inquired him that the workers confirmed on the damaged silt protectors in their  naked  eyes on that morning, he said that, “they seemed not so damaged. We thought the degree  of  damage was same with when they are hit by barricade. We restored the damaged the next  morning.” It  is an implication that the cause of their construction pose is for the restoration work  on the silt  protectors beside the obstruction of business by Dr. Song and Br. Park.

  Beside the above, Mr. Jeong, a person in charge of management of construction from Samsung,  who first appeared as an witness, said that “the reason that I reported them to the police was  because Dr. Song and Br. Park accessed to the construction site even though the construction  was being done with giant equipment amid high wave seas so there was a risk of safety accident. If  the tho had not blocked it, they would not be here.”

 When the lawyer of Dr. Song and Br. Park inquired whether it was an obstruction of business when  the two took kayak at the 100 m distance, Mr. Jeong emphasized that it was an inevitable choice  saying that, “we usually take safety distance by 20 to 30 m. However the two was almost to  approach just in front of the construction site.”
 The investigation that was taken for about 2 hours and 40 minutes were done with three witness.  The  numbers of witness originally called for were six. The 3rd trial is at 3:30 pm on Sept.  26.

 Especially when Dr. Song appealed to the court that it is hard for him to have a chance of defending  him for the impossibility of confirmation on proofs such as video, as a prisoner, the lawyer also  requested to the court to continue the trial with bail on him.