Nuclear Phaseout

WCC Assembly Busan 2013  -  Vollversammlung des Ökum. Rates der Kirchen
29.10. - 08.11.2013 in Pusan/Südkorea


Workshop "Nuclear Phaseout Or A New Atomic Age"

Zur AKW-Katastrophe von Fukushima am 11.3.2011 auf dieser Homepage

Materialien zum Thema:

1. Verena Hoff-Nordbeck:  Nuclear Phaseout or a New Atomica Age (pdf)

2. KITANI Kanan:  Ecological Justice: A Theological Reflection on Nuclear Power after Fukushima (pdf)

3. André Wietthoeft-Muehlmann:  The issue of nuclear power before and after Fukushima within the Christian community in Germany (pdf)  und hier japanisch/日本語

More resources:

English Website:  = "A portal site connecting Fukushima to the World"

Faith Declaration von 2012

Jonathan Frerichs: Nuclear tragedy finds a human face in Fukushima, 19 DEC 2012

Hisashi Yukimoto:  Christian and civic groups in Japan seek worldwide solidarity for Fukushima, Mar 2013