2009: Rundbrief Januar (englisch)

"The Word Became Flesh"

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.’ (John 1:14)

‘Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.’ (Philippians 2:6-7)

God coming in our midst, becoming one of us! This is the birth of Christ. God loved the world so much that he took the form of a man and came to the world to live as a man: the heaven becoming the earth; Love that gives itself out emptying itself and becoming like the loved ones.

God becoming a man this is an event that challenges all our human discrimination, alienation and judgements from their foundations. Before, God and men were separated by distance as great as heaven and earth. Before, we could not see God; we could not even mention his name. Yet, through Jesus we now can see God and call out his name. Through Jesus we see the glory of God.

This love continues. As salt loses its form and becomes one with water, when we empty ourselves and become one with others, the miracle of Love continues. In this we continue to witness the birth of Jesus among us.

Through the year 2008, Sisters in Korean Diakonia continued to reach out to our neighbours:

At the Mother Centre in Cheon-An, we invited Christians from neighbouring churches for the Good Friday service and held a dramatised service along the ‘Christ’s Road to the Cross’. About 70 people participated in the meditative service. We also had many visitors from outside Korea: in April, Rev. H. Albruschat from Lazarus , visited us from Germany; in May, President N. Sala of DAP stayed with us; in September Rev. D. Schweizer of German EMS visited us sharing the joy of fellowship.

On the 1st of May, we held an anniversary service. We invited Rev. Lee and Rev. Chung of Diakonia Family Community celebrating 28 years of Korean Diakonia Sisterhood.

Rev. Roh, represented us at the DAP Conference (7th - 11th July) which was held in Fiji under the theme of ‘the Cross and Towel’.

On the 21st January, we held a general meeting and elected Sister Young-Sook Rhee as a new Director. Our former director, Sister Jeong-Ran Kim had been in the post for the past 16 years, giving herself to serve us and the Sisterhood. We are very grateful for all the hard-work she had done for us and look forward to a further growth in our service of our Lord and our neighbours with Sister Rhee.

At the House of Spirituality and Peace, we continued to hold prayer sessions twice a month. Those who came were encouraged to seek the Lord within themselves and we rejoiced and thanked as we experienced the Grace of God renewing inner strength and peace.

We provide comfortable and prayerful environment to individuals and groups that use the facilities of the House of Spirituality and Peace. ‘Christ’s Road to the Cross’, on the nearby hills, provides a place to meditate on the coming of Jesus. With the help of a benefactor we refurbished the entire facilities, applied new paint and waterproof, in the second half of the year.

In the Social Welfare Corporation of Diakonia Sisterhood Korea, located in Mok-po, the construction of the Diakonia Residential Home for the Elderly, which had started in November 2007, was completed in July 2008. The facility can provide medical and spiritual as well as normal residential services to up to 50 individuals. The official opening service will be held in spring 2009 but we already have more than 40 residents staying.

Under the Household Support Project, our sisters have been visiting impoverished households in five villages around Sam-Hyang for the past three years, providing counselling and various medical services including acupuncture and pressure point massage. Around 1,094 people received this service. We continued Rural Household Rehabilitation programme from the last year, and helped about 20 households to insulate and repair roofs and windows, and to install new boilers. We also continue to visit elderly people living alone, children without parents, and those who cannot work due to disability around the district of Mu-An and help them with living-cost, medical expenses and school fees.

There are about 30 students who receive full scholarship through us this year. This includes food and study materials as well as private tuitions and counselling services. They not only receive but also participate in our services towards the elderly or the disabled. Through this we hope to let them learn the joy of serving our neighbours. In the spring 2008, these students staged a musical performance using drums as part of fund-raising event. This got them invited to a theatre on Mount Yu-Dal to perform.

At the end of another year, we remember of all the supporters and co-workers who helped us with material, prayer and time. We are deeply thankful for all who are with us in our efforts to continue the life of service. In their faces, we see the face of our Lord who is with us in all our activities. We wish you had a blessed Christmas and may renewed strength and peace fill up your lives in the New Year.

Your sisters in Korea



Haus der Spiritualität und des Friedens | Mutterhaus

KTSI: Forschungsinstitut für eine künftige Kultur

Das KTST wurde im Jahre 1973 in enger Zusammenarbeit zwischen koreanischen Kirchen und theologischen Institionen sowie den deutschen Kirchen gegründet. Prof. Dr. AHN Byung-Mu, der in den 1960er Jahren in Heidelberg studiert hatte, entwickelte die Idee, sein Studienkollege, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Hahn, unterstützte ihn dabei. So kam die Deutsche Ostasienmission ins Spiel, die das Unternehmen von Anfang an aktiv unterstützte.

1996 wurde auch dieses Institut in die Aunae-Stiftung eingebracht bzw. umgewandelt.
Das KTSI hat in den ersten 30 Jahren die besten biblischen Kommentare der westlichen Welt der Theologie-studierenden Jugend Koreas zur Verfügung gestellt. Das war auch die Zeit der Militärdiktatur, die das Publizieren nicht leicht machte.

Der erste Direktor des KTSI, Prof. Dr. AHN Byung-Mu wurde mehrmals verhaftet, seine Kollegen Prof. MOON Ik-Hwan und Prof. MOON Dong-Hwan ebenso wie auch Prof. SUH Nam-Dong und Prof. LEE Moon-Young. Dazu mehrere angestellte Mitarbeiter des Instituts.


Die Diakonia-Schwesternschaft wurde am 1. Mai 1980 gegründet. Sie hat zwei Heimstätten: die soziale Arbeit in Mokpo und die Kommunität und der Gästebetrieb in Chonan.