Ecological Justice

10. Vollversammlung des Ökum. Rates der Kirchen, Pusan 2013


Workshop "Covenanting for Ecological Justice"


Mi, 6. Nov. 2013, 14.15-15.45


Evangelical Mission in Solidarity, Protestant Church in Baden, Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea
Room 110

Description: Ecological justice concerns everyone. It draws attention to threats to life but also to the promise of life in fullness. The commitment to a lifestyle and a subsistence strategy or economic system that preserves natural resources, to combating poverty, and to a positive vision of social justice and just peace all go hand in hand. Together they are steps on our way to justice and peace. There are, however, conflicts of interest and priorities – in and between the global South and the global North, for example – that need to be taken seriously. Direct ecumenical partnerships between churches in different parts of the world are well suited to work together on these challenges. Conversation with and among church experts from different contexts is equally important. The workshop will bring people from this different area together.