Ernst Faber & Karl Güzlaff



cn faber01 100                        cn guetzlaff 01  
      Ernst Faber (1839 - 1899)                                Karl Gützlaff (1803 - 1851)

Prof. WU Kin-Pan, Hongkong/China
The Early Accommodation of Geman Sacramental Theology in China: 
A Case Study of the Confession, Translation, and Commentary of the Rhenish Missionionaries
Prof. WU is a PhD graduate of the University of Bonn and Lcturer at the Luthern Theological Seminary, Hongkong.
"During the nineteenth century, German missionaries developed the earliest sacramental theology in China, a theology that survives in the Chinese Rhenish Church to this day. The implementation process of this theological trend can be divided into confessional, translational, and commentarial stages.In this article, we will present the Lutheran views on sacraments adopted by Rev. Karl Gützlaff, followed by the theological standardization of Rev. Ferdinand Genähr (Ye Naqing 葉 納清, 1823-1864). Lastly, the incorporation of Chinese culture by Rev. ErnstF aber (Hua Zhi'an 花之安,1839-1899)will be discussed." 
(We are grateful to Prof. Wu to allow us to publish this paper on the 26th of September (2021), the day when Faber was called to heaven)