2016: Korea - Peace Treaty now

Conference on Korean peninsula peace treaty
14. - 16. November 2016 in Hongkong

Conference on Korean peninsula peace treaty convenes

17 November 2016

Shadows on a Pyongyang street. © Sean HawkeyImproved inter-Korean relations and peace on the Korean peninsula were the focus of a conference attended by 58 people from churches and related organizations from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and 11 other countries. They gathered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China from 14-16 November.

The International Ecumenical Conference on a Peace Treaty for the Korean Peninsula was organized by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and hosted by the Hong Kong Christian Council. The discussion built upon the long history of ecumenical engagement and accompaniment of Christians from both North and South Korea in their search for peace and reunification after more than 70 years of division.

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Video: F. Enns

Evang. Landeskirche in Baden: Arbeitsstelle Frieden 
Voice for peace Nr. 6: Friedensfragen 
"Können wir unsere christliche Ethik bei Konflikten mit anderen Religionen zugrunde legen?" Diese Frage beantwortet Prof. Dr. Fernando Enns, Leiter der Arbeitsstelle „Theologie der Friedenskirchen“ Universität Hamburg & Vorstandsmitglied der DOAM. Link: 
https://youtu.be/_Js4f3seossMehr videoclips aus der Reihe "Voices for Peace: Friedensfragen" der Arbeitsstelle Frieden in der Evang. Landeskirche in Baden | YOUTUBE.COM