buraku wirsinddochmenschen Buraku-Befreiung
"Der verwundete und zu Boden gefallene Mensch, ist das nicht Jesus selbst?" (Pfr. SEKI, Kyoto, 2002)
"Anerkennung verweigern nicht zuletzt viele Christinnen und Christen" (M. Sonntag)
"Ich bin doch ein Mensch"  (Kalligraphie aus der Befreiungsbewegung der Buraku)


Hassparolen gegen Buraku in Japan

Buraku - Dalit - Sinti/Roma
eine Pressemitteilung von imadr, 30.01.2013



Hate Speech in Japan

In Japan, minority communities have been the target of “hate speech” by the extreme
right-wing group “Zaitoku-kai.” a civil organization advocating to disallow privileges
being granted to Korean residents in Japan. It has also been a serious problem for many
years that prominent politicians continue making remarks or statements that may impair
the dignity or deny the human rights of minority communities, especially Koreans,
Chinese and migrants. There is no legal means available to directly ban the
announcement or dissemination of racially motivated statements or speeches in Japan.
In response to such serious, racially motivated attacks, victims have successfully taken
matters to civil court for defamation, or penal court for charges of damage to property.
IMADR Japan Committee and the Japan NGO Network for the Elimination of Racial
Discrimination jointly held rallies in Tokyo and Osaka in late November 2012 to raise
awareness of and strongly protest the grave problem of hate speech. Those involved in
hate speech cases, such as victims and lawyers, were invited to report on their
experiences, and human rights researchers were invited to present their analyses of the
issue. Rally participants also shared their opinions. Based on these interactions and
discussions, an an appeal entitled “Standing up against Hate Speech in Japan –
Statement and Recommendations”was drafted and approved, then sent to the
relevant institutions.  (Megumi Komori, IMADR Under Secretary General)

Lesen Sie bitte den vollständigen Appeal hier.





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