Power of Attorney

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Power of Attorney

I hereby appoint the lawyers listed in this document as my true and lawful attorneys in the case
of Compensation for Damage, made by the severe accident of the Fukushima Daiich Power
Plant dated March 11, 2011 to do any and all court actions including, but not limited to, Filing of
an action; Filing of a counterclaim; Withdrawal of an action, settlement, waiver of a claim or a
counterclaim, cognizance or withdrawal; Intermediate appeal, final appeal, petition for
acceptance of appeal or withdrawal of the same; Withdrawal of an objection or approval to such
withdrawal; and Appointment of a subagent:

In witness whereof, I have caused this power of attorney to be executed on this day of

_ ____ ______, 2014


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Email _____________________________________________


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SHIMA, Akihiro(島 昭宏)
Office Address: Tsukiji Building 3F, 10-9-3, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Office Name: R RIGHTS Law Office, Tel: +81-3-6264-1990, Fax: +81-3-6264-1998

Attorneys cont.
小野寺 利孝、吉田 理人、片口 浩子、吉田 悌一郎、鳥飼 康二、櫻井 宏平、谷田 和一、
伊倉 秀知、櫻井 宏平、谷田 和一郎、伊倉 秀知、河合 弘之、海渡 雄一、只野 靖、山添 拓、青木 秀樹、岩永 和大、奥山 倫行、山本 行雄、笠原 一浩、小林 哲也、木村 夏美、林 良太  

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