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2017 KNL

2016 KNL
390 December 2016
389 October 2016
388 June 2016
387 April 2016
386 February 2016

2015 KNL
385 December 2015

Excutive Council Considers Financial and Procedural Issues
General Assemblies of the PROK and PCK attended
Home for Pastors and Spouses Marks 5years since Merger
Maiji Gakuin Co-founder James Curtis Hepburn - Believing in the Lord's Promise
Discriminated-against Buraku Coalition Meets in Germany
Statement by the Kyodan Moderator Concerning the Recently Passed National Security Legislation
Message from the General Secretary:  Ashesd of Alden Matthews Interred in Tokyo

384 October 2015
A Prayer for Peace 70 Years after World War II
European Christian Conference Attended by Representatives of Jap. Christian Groups in Europe (Prag)
Executive Council addresses Financial and Political Concerns
From the Experience of "I Love Taiwan Mission"
Japan Hosts the German-Japanese Youth Mission 2015
August 2, 2015 Joint Peace Message of the KCCJ and the Kyodan
The New Sanctuary of Fukushima Church


383 June 2015

Ministerial Qualifications within the Kyodan
Nuclear Power & Discrimination

382 April 2015

20th Anniversary of the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Observed in Kobe
Our Need for Tradition and Reformation
Recovery Progress four Years after the East Japan Disaster
The Three Founders of Tohoku Gakuin University
Unity of Faith: The Key to Growth in Mission

381 February 2015

Christmas at Temporary Housing Complexes in Kamaishi
Encouraging Troubled Youth to Recover their Humanity
First Executive Council Meeting of the 39th Assembly Period Held
Fukushima Survivers' Experience of Discrimination after Nuclear Accident
Discrimination Awareness Raised by Overseas Support of the Buraku Liberation Center
2014 KNL
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380 December 2014
39th Kyodan General Assembly Held in Tokyo
30th Anniversary of the Kyodan-KCCJ Covenant Cebrated
Commission on Mission Sees PCT Ministry in Taiwan (Preb. Church in Taiwan)
SCF (Student Christian Fellowship) Members Visit Tokyo's Anti-nuclear Tent Village
Berlin Mission Celebrates its 190th Anniversary
Message from the General Secretary:  Welcomes by PCK & PROK Churches and Assemblies 

379 October 2014

378 June 2014

377 April 2014 
39th Kyodan General Assembly - New Office

376 Februar 2014
Fukushima Children Attend First "Little Lambs Camp in Taiwan"
Protect Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution - A Precious Treasure for Building Peace
10th WCC Assembly Held in Korea in 2013
Nijima Jo - Gründer der Doshisha Universität
A Message from General Secretary
2013 KNL
375 December 2013


2012 KNL
367 April 2012
Bericht aus der 5. Sitzung des Exekutivausschusses 13.-14.02.2012
Executive Council Votes to Revitalize Kyodan's Evenglistic Efforts

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355 December 2009
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353 June 2009
352 April 2009
351 February 2009 

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350 December 2008




"Kyodan" ist die Kurzfassung von "Nippon Kirisuto Kyodan" oder "Vereinigte Kirche Christi in Japan"

Gründung unter staatlichem Zwang


Glaubensbekenntnis - offizielle Übersetzung

26. März 1967
Bekenntnis bez. der Verantwortung für den Zweiten Weltkrieg

Das Schuldbekenntis
1967 - 2007:  40 Jahre
Wie gedenkt der Kyodan dieses Ereignisses?
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Siehe auch das Glaubensbekenntnis der Japanese Baptist Convention von 2002: Friedenserklärung

Organisation und Verantwortung
Der Moderator
Der Rat (Jogi Iinkai)
Ständige Ausschüsse
Die Kirchenbezirke
Die Synode
Die Pfarrer

Berichte von 2006 (pdf)
Bericht vom Dez.2005 (pdf)
Bericht vom Juli 2004 (pdf)

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