24. Oktober 2015
Gangjeong village receives a precious Sean MacBride Peace award from the International Peace Bureau (IPB)


On October 23rd, Go Kwon Il, co-vice mayor of the Gangjeong village and co-vice chair of the Villagers’ Anti-Base Committee, traveled to Italy to receive the Sean Macbride Peace Prize awarded by the International Peace Bureau, one of the oldest foundations of peace. The award is dedicated to a “person or organization that has done outstanding work for peace, disarmament and/or human rights.” And for 2015, the Bureau awarded people of Gangjeong Village the distinguished metal of peace along with people of Lampedusa, Italy. It is truly an honor for the villagers to receive this award, a beacon of confirmation that Gangjeong struggles are being supported in the international community. It also serves as a beacon of hope and support against the troubles that are to come once the base is finished. (Summary by Sunny)

(image provided by Go Kwon-Il)

Video: F. Enns

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