(from: Su Lee)
***Long live da Queen~
It has been more that 600 days after Sewol tragedy happened.
we have the inspection of the administration at the parliament building.
However, we cannot hear any live broadcasting from TV.
Also, there are strange people there at the site right now. The people who are old and even sleeping at the moment but they actually there to boycott the truth of Sewol tragedy.
boycott the truth?
s i g h
Can anyone here please make me to understand what it has been here in S. Korea?

296 died 9 still missing
so many doubtable stories
still ~ing.
Those parents who lost their children have had hell days and nights since April 16th, 2014.
What they hear the most is
- It is enough. Now, you should forget.
How can you forget your child when you don't even know the cause of the death? How can you survive that you never hear a sincere apologize?
Today, they want to hear the answer but they are isolated again by the media and the press.
Is it possible in your society?

Su Lees Foto.

Video: F. Enns

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